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Do you have a desire to switch your current forum platforum into Xenforo?

Or are you planning on creating a brand new forum?

SchmitzIT can help you install, import and upgrade to Xenforo in a heart beat. 

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Xenforo Services: Installations, Imports & Upgrades

SQL Server consultancy 

Simple Website & Wordpress

Administration & Community Management

Forum Imports
& Installation

Simple Website Designs

Forum Design
& Styling

Get your XenForo forum up running in no time!

SchmitzIT makes sure you get a perfectly working forum with a total installation of your new copy of XenForo. 

We also help you import eventual forum content and users from your old forum platform, in case you're switching over. 

SchmitzIT can help with everything in the process; from obtaining a XenForo license, securing you a domain name, to hosting on one of our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for a low monthly fee.

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Do you need a website for your company but don't know how to create it or simply don't have the time to do so?

We can help you set up a simple website either as an html site or in Wordpress, where it will be easy for you to update the content to fit with your product, prices and situation.

Tell us about your wishes to the design, amount of pages, features etc. and we will help you in getting a website which will advertise your product best way possible.

Depending on the difficulties, a nice website takes from 5 hours and up!

Get a customized forum layout and style which shows the uniqueness of your forum. 

SchmitzIT designs and styles your forum to fit your desires and targetgroup. It can be a total new designed style - or a re-creation from an 'old' style taken from another platform or to fit into a special theme.

A basic forum layout which contains color-setup, background picture, node-icons, header and normal style-settings, takes from 2-4 hours depending on the difficulties. Special styled forums might take a longer time, but you will always get an estimate before we begin the work.

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 More info Per hour $70

 More info Per hour $70

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Our services

  • XenForo Installations & Setup 
  • XenForo Upgrades & Optimizations
  • XenForo Imports 
  • XenForo Add-on Installation & development
  • XenForo Design & Styling 
  • XenForo Administration (Backend & Frontend)
  • XenForo Forum Community Management
  • IT & Technology Services
  • Simple Website and Wordpress design

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