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Community Manager is a fairly new job title, which has become more and more popular and accepted as a full/half-time position. Some companies with an active audience might have asked themselves why it would be important to have one person to be in charge of the Community Management on their forums; to continually inform, serve and nurture their community. The sole reason is that the community needs positive attention and appreciation to make sure your brand/product/company/game succeed – because without the community, you will not survive. There are always new products, games and sites to competing for the attention of your audience, if your site is not good and informative enough. 

And while a Community Manager's return of investment might be more difficult to measure and compare with, for example, a sales persons job – a skilled community manager will have KPIs related to the size and activity of your customers and users.

Anyone interested in your product is a potential customer, and thus should be treated with respect, and nurtured. As such, it is vital to keep your userbase informed of news, changes, or letting them know in case there are unexpected delays, bugs, or other issues affecting their experience. A community manager will also typically be the go-to person in case a user encounters any defects, bugs, or has specific feature requests.

The Tasks of a Community Manager
Here’s a list of the most important tasks for a Community Manager:

  • Act as the spokesperson between the company and the Community. 
  • To know product(s), and be able to advise and help customers if they have issues of any kind. 
  • Maintain a professional and positive attitude within the community. This can include acting as an intermediate in case of conlficts, or simply listen to a frustrated customer and figure out how to make their experience better.
  • To engage the existing user-base and grow the community organically by means of events, competitions, etc. 
  • Be able to use the tools offered by the forum software. This includes the ability to perform moderational or administrative tasks.
  • Inform users of updates, changes, future product releases, defects, etc.
  • To keep the community occupied through in game or/and forum events and contests.
  • Be the single point of contact for the users, b oth through the forums, as well as the social media.
  • Monitor the growth rate and activeness of the community, and ensure the growth continues.

Besides of course being able to communicate clearly in writing, other secondary skills for a community manager include creativity, being open minded, and enjoying working wiht people.

Asides from the above, I can also assist doing graphical work to assist in content releases, for instance creating images, banners, logos, etc.

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Community Management 40 USD per hour. But write me about the tasks you need solved, and I will give you a specific quote. 

Please note that all prices are excluding 25% VAT, applicable only to EU customers. If you are located within the EU and run a business, please let us know your VAT number in advance.

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